Thursday, August 5, 2010

God's Face is Never Seen, but Salvador Dali Doesn't Show Christ's Face, Either, in Three Major Works

The face of God is a mystery. It is not seen, therefore, in the middle top portion of Dali's Ecumenical Council. And if the headless background figure in Sacrament of the Last Supper is meant to represent God, his face is again not seen.

But in three of Dali's most important religious works depicting Christ -- all, as it turns out, in a state of ascension -- the face of the son of God is not seen, either. As is clear in the pictures here of Christ of St. John of the Cross, Corpus Hypercubus, and Ascension of Christ, we don't actually see the face of Jesus. Why? Perhaps it was Dali's way of underscoring the mystery of the Christian faith.

In Dali's Sacred Heart of Jesus, however, we do see Christ's face, and likewise, in the Last Supper. Only Dali knew for sure why he chose this variation in his depictions of Jesus. An interesting ponderable, I think. What are your thoughts?

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